Implementation of Kopi Telur Healthy Drink to Maintaining Health Independently for Al Yasini High School Students, Pasuruan

Gatra Ervi Jayanti, Tintrim Rahayu, Ari Hayati


Maintaining health independently is an effort that must be made, one of which is consuming healthy drinks, namely Kopi Telur. The aim of this Community Service is to introduce and provide information on the benefits of Kopi Telur Healthy Drinks to Al-Yasini high school students, Pasuruan to maintain their health independently. The Community Service method is to explain the benefits of Kopi Telur healthy drinks, how to make Kopi Telur health drinks, and consume. As a result of community Service, participants tasted the health drinks Kopi Telur and received information about its benefits for maintaining health independently


Healthy drinks, Kopi Telur, independent

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