The relationship between leaf area index, specific leaf area and leaf area ratio as a result of applying various types and doses of organic fertilizer for radish plants (Radish sativa L.)

Aulia Mohammad Rahman, Mahayu Woro Lestari, Sunawan Sunawan


White radish plants are root crops like carrots but white in color, belonging to the Cruciferae family. This study aims to determine the dose and application of vermicompost and cow manure on the growth and yield of radish plants. This research was conducted in August - October 2022 in the Joyo Grand housing area, Malang District, Malang Regency. This study used a factorial randomized design (RBD) with controls. The first factor is the type of fertilizer, vermicompost (P1) and cow manure (P2). The second factor is the dose of fertilizer, a dose of 10 tons/ha (D1), 20 ton/ha (D2) in 30 ton/ha (D3). There were 6 treatment combinations and 1 control. Each treatment was repeated 3 times and each treatment had 15 plants. The total number of plants is 315 plants. The results showed that the broad index of white radish leaves had a good treatment tendency P2D3 (cow manure dose of 30 tons/ha) at 30 DAP of 37.56 g/cm. The leaf area ratio parameter has a good treatment age 30 DAP in the P1D1 (vermicompost fertilizer dose 10 tons/ha) amounting to 41.85 g. Specific leaf area parameter of good treatment age 40 HST in the treatment of P2D2 (cow manure dose of 20 tons/ha) of 244.36 cm2/g. The application of the type and dose of organic fertilizer had a significant interaction on the growth and yield of white radish plants.


Keywords: White radish plant, type of organic fertilizer, dosage of organic f


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