Efforts To Increase The Productivity And Quality Of Rice Plants (Oryza Sativa) Against The Treatment Of Sticks In The Application Of SIPLO Technology And The Addition Of Pearl NPK Fertilizer

Sri Ratna Ningsih, Sugiarto Sugiarto, Djuhari Djuhari


Rice (Oryza sativa) is the main carbohydrate food in Indonesia both in the long and short term. Changes in the number of people will affect the pattern of life and the type of food that will be consumed as basic necessities. The need for rice in Indonesia in 2022 is 9.71 million tons/ha. The average productivity of rice per hectare is 5.25 tons/ha. The importance of the application of SIPLO technology with the treatment of various sticks and the addition of NPK Mutiara fertilizer to increase the productivity of rice plants. The purpose of this study was to determine the interaction between the types of sticks and the dose of NPK pearl fertilizer and the yield percentage of tons/ha of rice plants. The method used randomized design factorial group (RAK), which consists of 2 factors, for the first factor consists of 3 kinds of sticks (S1: iron sticks, S2: copper sticks and S3 aluminium sticks) and the second factor consists of 3 doses of NPK Pearl fertilizer (D1: 175 kg/ha, D2: 350kg/ha, D3: 525 kg/ha) siplo application for 60 Minutes in all treatments. Parameters that will be presented are leaf area, productive saplings, yield percentage, content grain weight, empty grain weight, 1000 grain weight, tons per hectare of grain, increased productivity. Interaction on leaf area the best value S2D1 (1236.68 cm2) 61 HST and S1D1 (2003.02 cm2) 85 HST. the best results on the yield parameters contained in S3 (aluminium stick) productive Tiller (18.55), percentage yield (83.55%), weight 1000 grain (32.02 g), grain weight content (28.12 g) and weight empty grain (2.70 g). Percentage increase in the best productivity S2 and S3 (87.75% & 85.47%) and the best rice productivity S2 and S3 (9.61 ton/ha & 9.82 ton/ ha) and the use of the best dose of NPK Pearl fertilizer at D2 doses of 350 kg/ha (9.57 ton/ ha) and D3 525 kg/ha (9.70 ton / ha).

Keywords: sticks, rice productivity, Siplo technology

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